Premium flat icon bundle for professional websites, apps & minimalist UI/UX

v2.3 Last update: February 15, 2020

Premium all-in-one icon bundle

Icons for every documents

  • Use PNG everywhere

  • 3 colors
    black gray white

  • 4 sizes (px)
    32 64 128 256

  • High quality

  • Low weight

Icons toolkit for developpers

Customizable icons

Evolutive & Fair icon pack

Vector (SVG) and raster/bitmap (PNG) images

The icon font files

It allows you to simply use the icons directly in your development projects.

The toolkit CSS

It allows you to quickly integrate icons directly into your web and application projects.

Description of the icon pack

Iconsbag is an evolving (regularly updated) and complete collection of icons (includes vector icons, icon font, CSS toolkit).

This pack is intended for

Whether you are a professional, a student, a graphic designer, a developer or other... you will find in this pack a large number of icons for your various projects.

For which uses

This icon pack is suitable for projects such as: Websites, computer graphics, resume/CV, minimalist interfaces, dashboard/dashboard, UI/UX, graphic designs, applications, softwares....

Package details

Number of icons2050
Number of items30 845
Folder size43.8 MB
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